Is that Bundle of Office 365 Really Worth the Cost?

Aug 11, 2019


Welcome to the comprehensive guide on evaluating the worth of the Office 365 bundle offered by KCR Computers. As a leading provider of computer hardware and services in the Computers, Electronics, and Technology industry, we understand the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to your business needs.

Understanding Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription-based software suite developed by Microsoft, providing access to a range of essential business applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. With numerous plans available, it offers businesses the flexibility to choose the features and services that align with their specific requirements.

The Benefits of Office 365

Office 365 offers several key advantages that make it a popular choice among businesses:

  • Productivity: With Office 365, you can access your documents, emails, and collaboration tools from anywhere, allowing your team to work efficiently and stay connected.
  • Security: Microsoft provides robust security measures, including data encryption and advanced threat protection, ensuring the safety and integrity of your business data.
  • Scalability: Office 365 allows you to easily scale your subscription as your business grows, adding or removing users and services as needed.
  • Collaboration: The suite offers real-time co-authoring capabilities, facilitating seamless collaboration and enhancing team productivity.
  • Updates and Support: With Office 365, you will always have access to the latest features and updates, backed by Microsoft's dedicated customer support.

Evaluating the Cost

While the benefits of Office 365 are clear, it's essential to understand the cost structure and evaluate whether it aligns with your business budget:

  1. Subscription Plans: Office 365 offers various plans, each with different pricing tiers and feature sets. It's important to analyze your business needs and choose the plan that offers the optimal balance of features and cost.
  2. User Licenses: In addition to the subscription plans, Office 365 requires user licenses for each individual accessing the services. Assess the number of users in your organization and estimate the associated licensing costs.
  3. Additional Services: Office 365 provides add-on services like Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Teams, which may be beneficial for certain businesses. Evaluate the functionalities of these services and determine whether the costs justify the added value.

Case Studies

To further illustrate the value of Office 365, let's explore a couple of hypothetical case studies:

Case Study 1: Small Business Startup

Imagine you are starting a small business with a team of five employees. As a startup, you need cost-effective solutions that still provide powerful tools for productivity and collaboration. Office 365 offers the perfect bundle with the necessary applications, cloud storage, and communication tools without the need for upfront hardware investments. The monthly subscription costs provide predictable expenses, allowing you to allocate your budget efficiently. In this scenario, Office 365 proves to be worth the investment.

Case Study 2: Growing Enterprise

Now, let's consider a growing enterprise with multiple departments and hundreds of employees. In such a complex setup, maintaining communication and collaboration becomes paramount. Office 365, with its scalability and wide range of services, offers streamlined workflows, efficient document sharing, and synchronized calendars. With advanced security features and compliance options, it ensures data privacy and regulatory compliance. Despite higher costs compared to other solutions, the benefits and capabilities provided by Office 365 make it a worthwhile investment for this enterprise.


Considering the features, advantages, and potential cost savings, Office 365 emerges as a well-rounded solution for numerous companies, including small businesses and growing enterprises. However, each business has unique requirements, and it's crucial to evaluate the specific needs and conduct a cost-benefit analysis before committing to a subscription plan. The team at KCR Computers can assist you in determining the ideal Office 365 package that maximizes the value for your business.

Make the right choice for your business today and unlock the full potential of Office 365 with KCR Computers.